1.             Formation of a Branch

1. 1       A Branch of the Society shall only be formed in accordance with the requirements of
Rule D.14 of the Society’s constitution which states:

“The Committee may, on the request in writing of three (3) or more members, authorize the formation of a Branch of the Society. Branches shall function in accordance with the Objects and Rules of the Society and within the requirements of the document ‘Guidelines for the Formation and Regulation of Branches’. Any amendments to such document shall be subject to ratification at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of the Society.”

1.2          The Committee, when considering an application for the creation of a new Branch, shall take into consideration the following criteria:

a.      That there shall be a demonstrable need for such a Branch to be formed.

b.         New Branches shall be based on geographical regions within South Australia, or
may include special interest groups catering for particular categories of aviculture.

1.3        The newly created Branch must obtain a financial membership of 10 within one month of
the formation of the Branch.  The Society Committee may then confirm the formation of the


2.             Name of a Branch

2.1          All Branches shall be known by the name of the relevant geographical region or area of special interest, for example, ‘The Avicultural Society of South Australia Inc, ……………… Branch’.

2.2          The name of a Branch must be approved by the Society Committee.

2.3          The name of a Branch cannot be altered unless:

a.               a majority of registered Branch members voting at a Branch Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting endorses a proposed new name; and

b.               the Society Committee approves the new name.


3.             Administration of a Branch

3.1          Branches shall be governed by the Objects and Rules of the Society, as listed in the Society’s constitution, and by these ‘Guidelines for the Formation and Regulation of Branches’.

3.2          Each Branch shall, subject to any exceptions set out in the Objects and Rules and the Guidelines referred to in 3.1 above, be autonomous.

3.3          Each Branch shall be administered by a Committee of nine (9) persons maximum, which shall be responsible for the general management of the Branch’s affairs. The Executive positions shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Two Branch Executive positions may be held concurrently, except that the positions of President and Vice-President may not be held concurrently.

3.4          All Branch office-bearers and Committee members shall be elected for a term of one year and on expiration of their term of office shall be eligible for re-election.

3.5          Four (4) members shall constitute a quorum at a Branch Committee meeting; except that, where the Branch Committee consists of nine (9) members, five (5) members shall constitute a quorum.

3.6          A Branch President, Vice-President or their proxy shall be entitled to attend meetings of the Society Committee, in relation to matters directly affecting the Branch. However, no voting rights can be exercised by the Branch President, Vice-President or their proxy at a Society Committee meeting.


4.             Election of Branch Committees

4.1          Nominations for Branch office-bearers and Committee members shall be submitted in writing, signed by the nominee, and lodged with the Branch Secretary by December 31st.

4.2          In the event of insufficient nomination(s) being received for a particular Branch Committee position(s), including any executive position, by December 31st, verbal nominations for such position(s) may be accepted at the Branch Annual General Meeting.

4.3          If an election is required, a secret ballot of financial Branch members present at the Branch Annual General Meeting shall be held.

4.4          Where a member nominates for more than one position on the Branch Committee, that member must register his/her preference for those positions.

4.5          An office-bearer or Committee member of a Branch Committee can also be an office-bearer or Committee member of the Society Committee.

4.6          In the case of insufficient nominees for any position on a Branch Committee, or in the case of a vacancy occurring, the Branch Committee shall have the power to fill such vacancy/vacancies until the next Branch Annual General Meeting.


5.             Membership of a Branch

5. 1         No person can be a member of a Branch without being a financial member of the Society.

5.2          The Society Committee shall refund to the Branch a portion of the Society’s membership fee, for each member of the Branch, as determined by that Committee.

5.3          A member of the Society may nominate whether he/she wishes to be registered as a member of a Branch. Whilst that person remains a member of the Society, he/she shall retain membership of that Branch, until such time as he/she advises the Society’s Membership Steward otherwise.

5.4          The Society’s Membership Steward shall provide each Branch with a membership list at least twice yearly, upon request by the Branch Secretary.

5.5          Only registered Branch members, with the exception of Junior and Branch Social members, shall be eligible to hold a Branch Committee position or to vote at a Branch General Meeting.


6.             Financial Responsibilities of a Branch

6.1          Each Branch shall be financially self -supporting.

6.2          Each Branch shall operate an account with a bank or building society. At least two Branch office-bearers must be signatories to the Branch’s account.

6.3          Each Branch shall appoint an Auditor. The Branch Auditor shall have similar powers to those of the Society’s Auditor, but only in relation to the Branch concerned.

“The Branch Auditor shall have the power, at any time, to examine the minute books, bank pass books, record of investments, account books, accounts, vouchers or goods held by the Branch Secretary, Treasurer, Services Officer or Book Steward and report thereon to the Branch Committee. He/she shall audit the annual financial statements and certify them to be correct or otherwise prior to presentation to the Branch Annual General Meeting. The Auditor shall not hold any other Branch office.”

6.4          Branches may raise revenue from the proceeds of raffles, sales of goods and services, and any other fund-raising activity deemed appropriate by the Branch Committee.

6.5          No financial commitment shall be undertaken where expenditure would exceed the total Branch funds available at the time, without prior authorization from the Society Committee. In the event of this rule not being adhered to, the Branch Committee shall be immediately dissolved and the Society Committee will assume control of that Branch’s affairs.

6.6               Each Branch shall submit a typed or legible handwritten Annual Report and Audited Financial Statement for the previous year (ended December 31st) to :


(i)                   the Secretary of the Society no later than March 1st; and


(ii)            members of the Branch concerned at its Branch Annual General Meeting.
7.             Branch Meetings/Activities

7.1          Regular Branch General Meetings and other Branch activities should be arranged for the benefit of members and for the purpose of advancing the hobby of aviculture. Such meetings/activities should be conducted in accordance with the Objects of the Society (see ‘Objects’ in the constitution).

7.2          Notice of forthcoming Branch General Meetings, where possible, and the Branch Annual General Meeting shall be published in the Society’s publication Bird Keeping In Australia.

7.3          Brief details of past Branch General Meetings shall be published in the Society’s publication Bird Keeping In Australia.

7.4          Any member of the Society may attend any Branch General Meeting.

7.5          The Annual General Meeting of each Branch shall be held in the month of February.

7.6          With the exception of attendance at Branch General Meetings, Branches may levy fees or surcharges on non-Branch members who participate in Branch activities.


8.             Branch Awards

8. 1         Branches can create their own awards or certificates (see the document ‘Guidelines for the Presentation of Awards’).

8.2          A Branch may grant its own Life Membership award (see the document ‘Guidelines for the Presentation of Awards’).


9.             Branch Stationery

9.1          Official stationery for each Branch shall be supplied by the Society Committee.

9.2          The stationery shall be headed “The Avicultural Society of South Australia Inc.”, with the name of the Branch beneath the heading and with a print size no larger than that used for the name of the Society.

9.3          The stationery shall have the Society’s logo in the top left hand corner; however, each Branch may have their individual logo in the top right hand corner.


10.          Public Statements of Policy

10.1       A Branch shall not issue statements relating to matters of Society policy to the general public or the media. Such statements of policy shall only be issued, where necessary, by the Society Committee.


11.          Branch Publications

11.1       Each Branch is able to print and distribute its own newsletter, observing copyright laws.

11.2       A copy of all newsletters published by Branches should be sent to the Society’s Editor(s) within one month of their publication.


12.          Dissolution of a Branch

12. 1    If, on the dissolution of a Branch, there remains any assets or debts whatsoever, the same shall be transferred to the Society Committee to be held in a Trust Fund for up to two years.  Monies from this Trust Fund can be distributed to a new Branch at the absolute discretion of the Society Committee.

12.2     A Branch shall be dissolved if its membership falls below ten.

12.3     A Branch shall be dissolved if a two-thirds majority of financial Branch members, voting at a Branch Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting, support a motion of dissolution.

12.4      In the event of less than five Branch Committee positions, including three Branch
Committee executive positions, being filled at a Branch Annual General Meeting, the
Society Committee shall convene a Special Meeting of the Branch to be Chaired by the
Society President or his/her nominee for the purpose of seeking further appointments to
the Branch Committee.  Should the number of positions filled on the Branch Committee
remain less than five after this Special Meeting then the Branch shall be dissolved and the
Society Committee shall wind up the Branch’s affairs.