WELCOME TO THE WEB SITE OF THE AVICULTURAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA INC.                                                           Founded 1928                                                               First Avicultural Society in Australia

It is with profound regret that we note the sudden passing on July 12th of Russell Kingston OAM. Russell was an aviculturist, author, photographer, artist, talented caricaturist, raconteur extraordinaire, OAM recipient, tireless promoter of aviculture and a damned good bloke! Aviculture has lost a champion! We mourn his passing.               Vale!


We have published two handy full colour booklets to assist bird-keepers.

  • “IS IT SAFE? THE BIRD-KEEPERS’ PICTORIAL GUIDE TO SAFE & POISONOUS PLANTS”. This covers those plants, fruits and vegetables considered to be either safe to feed to birds and those known to be toxic.
  • :WHAT GRASS IS THAT? THE BIRD-KEEPERS’ PICTORIAL GUIDE TO SEEDING-GRASSES”.   Featuring sixty seeding-grass species suitable to feed to birds.  In full colour for easy  species recognition.

We have sold many hundreds of “Is It Safe?” While “What Grass Is That?” (released on April 12th) is already selling well

Both booklets are a  MUST on the book shelf of all serious bird-keepers.


Welcome to the web site of The Avicultural Society of South Australia Inc. The Society, being formed in 1928, has the distinction of being the oldest Society of its type in Australia and the fourth longest established Avicultural Society in the English speaking world !

The Society publishes a monthly Magazine which provides Subscription Members with a wide variety of interesting and informative articles on the keeping and breeding of birds in captivity.

Monthly General Meetings are held in Adelaide and the Society has 2 Regional Branches to cater for the needs of bird keepers in country South Australia.

The Society also has this Internet web site which allows interested Aviculturists from all over the world to come and read about our unique Australian avian species. The general sections can be accessed by anyone, whilst the modestly priced Internet Membership allows access to the “Member’s Only” section which provides our on-line members with current Society information; access to our Wants and Exchange service; as well as heaps of great articles on Australian and International avicultural topics.

We invite you to come on in and take a look around … read some of the articles, check out the latest Society News and maybe even think about joining us – we are sure you’ll enjoy the experience!

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