In Adelaide, the Avicultural Society of SA Inc. meets on the second Tuesday of each month from 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start, at the Freemasons’ Centre, Regency Road, Broadview. Meetings usually finish by about 10.00pm. Plenty of off-street parking is available in the hall grounds.

Our monthly meetings usually consist of the following:

The February meeting is always our Annual General Meeting.  Each year we have a “Minchin Memorial Meeting”, when a Guest Speaker, usually from Interstate, presents something a bit special. The December meeting is our Christmas Break-up and is designed to be a fun night with plenty of time for socialising and Christmas cheer. Throughout the rest of the year, meeting topics are as varied and interesting as possible, and can range from Parrot and Finch talks, to topics concerning Hand-raising, Building Aviaries, planning Planted Habitat Aviaries, and so on.

2020 Meeting Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: the following topics are tentative, and may change due to speaker availability.

Month Main Topic
Jan 14th Dan Patterson: Keeping Australian Parrots & Finches
February 11th
Paul Kremmer: Mulga Parrots
March 10th  Minchin Memorial Meeting: Michelle Cornish: Bird Keeping at Cleland
April:  14th  Three Member Panel: Keeping & Breeding Birds
May: 12th
Interstate Guest Speaker: TBA
June 9th David Pace: Getting Ready For Finches 20
July 14th Double Speaker Bonanza:Mark DeLaine & David Lockyer.July 19th or August 2nd: Aviary Visits: Southern area  – TBA
August 11th Conservation Fund Raising Auction: Members donate bird-related items to raise funds for “Save The Gouldians”.
September 8th Workshop sessions:
Hints for Breeding. 3 Presenters.
October 13th TBA
November 10th     Colin McKechnie Memorial Meeting   Orange-bellied Parrots at Adelaide Zoo.
December 11th Christmas Break-up-Speaker: TBA

* TBA = To Be Advised – please check back later for details.                 ALL TOPICS & SPEAKERS CORRECT AS OF 1/1/2020, BUT MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 

Check the Branches section for contact details to obtain information of Regional Branch meetings.

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